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Enjoying Summer 2018!

Our characters have been booking like CRAZY! We've been doing tons of meet and greet appearances with our partners at Kidz Club in the Trumbull mall! Our characters are having so much fun meeting new friends from all over Connecticut!

We have been appearing in multiple events all over the state! Our snow sisters and superheroes had a fantastic time at Milford Photo, we've been to the Blueberry Festival at Lyman Orchards, a church event, a family fun festival, and so many more fun events are still to come this season! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see where we'll be next!

We have been booking a ton of face painting parties with our very talented face painter! She is available for face paint all over CT! Our mermaid princess was so excited to recently be invited to a pool party, I heard she loves to swim!

We are so excited to be so busy and we're so grateful for everyone's love and support!

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