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We're so happy that CT Princess Parties is back in action!

We've really missed everyone through this pandemic! We're not out of the woods yet, but we are SO excited to be offering our in-person packages yet again. We really missed the happy memories and all of our friends! Our hearts are full of gratitude for the opportunity to make magic for little princes and princesses yet again! As we get back into action we are re-vamping many of our characters, packages, website, and more! We are also re-building our cast! We've been very busy preparing, and many of our characters have been doing wonderful photoshoots in the meantime! If you'd like pictures of any certain character, please feel free to ask us!

We are on the lookout for actors and actresses to play princesses, superheroes, and mascots! We're also looking for face characters as well as character attendants! Any interested candidates can visit our "apply" section of the website for information on how to apply!

We are very happy to have been so busy the past few months since things started to open back up! Every kind review we get reminds us of why we love what we do so much. We are so grateful to the mothers who have also been sending us photos to share with our kingdom, we cherish these memories so much!

We hope to see you all at parties, events, and festivals all Summer long! Don't forget that we aren't only available for birthday parties, but we do events at small businesses, meet and greets at festivals, story time at libraries, daycare visits, and more!


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