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Check out our very own Chuan Quarterson's new business!

Chuan has been with CT Princess Parties for a few years now, and she has recently started her own company! Her company, Sugar and Spice fairytales, offers transcendent casting. Chuan already has a long history of bringing happiness and smiles to many sweet children & their families. Sugar & Spice fairytales can be found on Facebook! Sugar & Spice offers characters such as the midnight princess, bookworm princess, snow queen, and more to life through the beautiful world of princesses of color! Chuan believes it is very important to have every little princess see other princesses that look just like them and loves to bring Sugar & Spice to every little girl's dream! Chuan will not be taking bookings in January due to COVID, however, she hopes to make it to your kingdom soon! Chuan is available for booking both through our company and website or through her Facebook page for Sugar & Spice.


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