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Happy Snow Day Everyone!

We over here at CT Princess parties, have had a long month so far! Only 9 days in and we have multiple parties every weekend and multiple week days. We also have some amazing charity projects in the works such as The Danbury Kids Expo in May and so many others to look out for. We will be announcing them here as well as on our FB Page so be sure to keep an eye out for those if you want to get to meet some of the princesses and superheros ! We hope to have a season of giving back to the communities this spring and summer, so if you guys know any charities that would be interested please tell them to message our page! There has also been talk of a CTP princess YouTube channel, so let us know if you think that would be something you guys would be interested in as well.

We have had an influx of requests for Mona and face painting requests so by poplar request we are training more girls in face paint and have made accommodations for other adds ons! Try to book early if you guys can, and have a great day snowed in thanks to Elsa!

Till next time princesses/princes!

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