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Face Painting

Face Painting Gallery

Face Painting packages come with one face painter (not dressed in character) unless a package is purchased with two.  Discounts are available for those who purchase a face painting package along with a princess package!  Please bear in mind the length of time you are booking and the amount of children.  In one hour, our artists can typically paint 15-20 faces.  Please purchase longer packages if more faces need to be painted than 20!  If you're on a time crunch, consider reserving two artists.  

We use hypoallergenic products that are only the safest for little faces!


One Artist 1 Hour

One face painter for one hour

$99, and $75 for each additional hour

2 Artists 1 hour

2 Face Painters for One Hour

$175 and $150 for each additional hour

Face Painting With a Princess Package

Discounted Rates When Combined with a Princess Package!

$89 for one hour and $69 for each additional hour (1 Artist)

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