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Learning More About CT Princess Parties LLC

CT Face Painting

Behind The Scenes Information on Our Company!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does CT Princess Parties Only Do Birthday Parties?

Our cast does SO much more than just parties! We do corporate events, charity events, hospital visits, and also special appearances for proposals, prom-posals, signing telegrams, Skype videos, etc! CT Princess Parties purpose is to help out as many in the community as we can. As we have a full team of permanent staff regularly booked with princess parties, we also have a volunteer team out and about, helping any family or little one in need of a little extra magic. It is important to us that we stand for a cause greater than ourselves, and all of our team members love to dedicate time to those who need it and are very generous in giving back to our communities.

Are all of the CT Princess Parties princesses professional singers? The girls of CT Princess Parties come from ALL backgrounds and have different skills that compliment one another. While we have plenty of performers who are theater trained and are skilled vocalists, it is not required to be a part of our team. However, all of our princess packages do come with a sing-a-long! We bring music from your princesses playlist! The little ones don't typically care if their favorite princess doesn't hit that one note, they are just having fun singing and dancing with them. If a live performance is asked for, we are more than happy to deliver with one of our trained vocalists for that party or event!

Who will show up to my party? We allow girls of all ethnicities, heights, and looks to play whomever they wish, as long as they fit the character's look. We do have two girls on the team who speak Spanish and are available as the Latina princess, however, not every girl who plays that princess are bilingual. If any requests are made pertaining to a certain cast member, that depends on their availability, but we're happy to accommodate you to the absolute best of our ability. Please let us know if you have a specific request!

What time should I schedule the performer to arrive at the party?

Our suggestion is to schedule your character about 30 minutes or so after the party begins. The reason for this is so that all your guests have time to arrive and settle in and can enjoy the appearance! It's important that we begin on time so we can keep on time for any other parties scheduled that day.

What is your outdoor party policy? We love outdoor parties! However, if you are planning an outdoor birthday party, please have another plan in mind in case the weather turns bad. Since the costumes and wigs worn by our princesses are delicate, it is preferred to have a covered or shaded area for some if not all activities. Outdoor birthday parties are much more difficult for our princesses and require that our gowns go through a rigorous cleaning process after being exposed to outdoor elements. Please let us know upon booking if your venue is outdoors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Can we take photos/videos?

Yes, we would love that! Please feel free to share all the happy memories on our facebook page, twitter, or instagram!

How far in advance do you book? We recommend booking 6-12 weeks in advance. This is not mandatory, however, as the date of your party approaches, entertainment is more difficult to booked as our schedule becomes more full. Do you have a last minute booking? We will try our best to fit you in! Please call us immediately to see if we can accommodate your party date.

Can I have a Princess come to my charity?

Of course! If we are available, we always donate our time for a good cause

Do I tip my princess(es)?

All of our lovely professional performers are paid a flat rate by the company without gratuity. If you feel you would like to tip your performer(s) for a job well done, please feel free to do so in cash directly to them!

Have more questions? Please, feel more than welcome to ask us!

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