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CT Princess Parties LLC CARES!

We've been busy here at CT Princess Parties doing lots of charity work.

Our Snow Queen volunteered at the "Walk of Hope" for Colin's Crew, a non-profit organization that's mission is to provide hope, comfort and support to families affected by childhood cancer. This event was organized to raise donations in order to assist with Colin's Crew's ongoing mission to fund the Meals4Kids, Snacks4Kids and Fun4Kids programs, which support families affected by childhood cancer.

The CTP crew also attended "Ride for Lexi" September 18th. Lexi is was born with "osteogenesis imperfecta" a brittle bones disease, an has had 73 Fractures to date. We gathered to support Lexi and her family and it was a great time! At Ride for Lexi, Liz played our Joyful characters, Sheminith played our gypsy princess, Kirsten played arabian nights princess, and Erica played our Neverland Pixie!

On September 20th, CT Princess Parties LLC attended family fun night at Chili's in Milford, CT to raise donations for St. Jude's Children's hospital! Sheminith played Latin princess, Erica played mermaid princess, Kirsten played enchanted rose princess, Sara played glass slipper princess, Hugh played our superhero, Mike played charming prince and Erica's cousin Sydney Altieri played poison apple princess!

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