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Photoshoot Time with Walt Jedziniak

Check out these photos by Walt Jedziniak! His website is and facebook link is

About Walt:

Walt started in photography simply taking photos of my kids when they were young. He kept trying to improve and add equipment. Before long, he had set up a little studio in a corner of our cluttered basement. He'd bring images to work and put them on my desk. People would see them and ask where he had them done. When he said he took them, they'd ask if they could bring their kids over. He never dreamed of it becoming a job, but photography started branching from a passion to a part-time job. Soon, we were getting requests from people he didn't know to have photos done, so we decided we needed something more professional than the corner of a cluttered basement. In 2008, he finished his first floor into a full studio. From the start with the families, we've branched into newborns, maternity, weddings, corporate headshots, HS seniors, model portfolios, glamour, and boudoir!. He lost my almost-30-year job in insurance last November, so now it was time to pursue my passion and make photography my full-time job. So, he's we're still in the process of taking a 12-year part-time job to the full-time level.

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