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The Royal Springtime Ball at The Velvet Mill

The royal ball was a blast! Each little one got to walk up the red carpet when their name was announced, curtsey the bigger princesses and wave to their royal subjects as they go back to their seats. We thought it was so important to make each and every little one feel special as we could!!! We also had performances by your frog princess, the first princess, and our mermaid princess!! The performances were happily watched by our royal guests while they were treated to a cupcake and a slice of pizza!! We also colored, had dance and twirl sessions, games, and princess interview time!! The velvet mill is in Stonington, CT and is home to many other shops and even a brewery.

Our next event at the Velvet Mill will be our ROYAL SUMMER BLOWOUT on June 26th!

Here are some photos from our recent event the Royal Ball!

Link to purchase photos is on each photo!

to book us for a party: message

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