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Animal Rescue & Be Our Guest

CT Princess Parties LLC has been hard at work preparing for Spring time! We headed over on April 17th to a farm to support the ANIMAL RESCUE raising money and supplies for animals. There were adoptable dogs there as well, and we made many new friends! On April 23rd CT Princess Parties LLC had "Be Our Guest" which was an event hosted by our enchanted rose princess! The event was held at Seymour Land Trust in Seymour, CT. We served many delicious dinners, desserts, and snacks! Our favorite part was when one of our guests, Prince Mikey, Age 3 "fell in love" with one of the mini princesses, and they slow danced to our favorite tune "tale as old as time"

D&M Photography came to be Our Guest Event, and the photos will be shared on our facebook page soon! We had such a wonderful time.

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